Two meetings and 18 races at Ascot Park today.

Apologies for the late post.  I fully reviewed last week’s selections at Ascot.  We had one win but the other four selections were poor.  Hopefully, the selections today will be better informed!


Recommended Bets – 3 Units

M3 Race 3 Homebush Archie (5) 0.5 unit FF win @ 6.5 Missed

M3 Race 3 Homebush Archie (5) 0.5 unit TOP 3 @ 2.15 Missed

M9 Race 7 Homebush Fairy (7) 1 unit FF win @ 3.5 Missed

M9 Race 8 Elite Blueblood (1) 1 unit FF win @ 2.9 First 2.units returned

Only the three selections and 1 out of 3 is where we need to be at a minimum.  Archie was a little unlucky but over all I felt the selections were better than last week so hopefully the hard work will pay off with a pay day in the next week or two.  Pretty much break even on the strategy so a small profit for the week so far.

M3 Invercargill

Race 3 Homebush Archie (5)

Archie maps to be the early leader plus he has the second best career time in the race,  Dragster Dory won well last week but is not a box 1 dog – she will look to head out and if Archie can get in front he should be able to hold the rail.  Nice each way money too.

Confidence 1/5

Rated price $3.20 currently $6.5

Missed.  A repeat of the frustrations from Sunday where we found a dog to lay – a false favourite – but couldn’t get the chocolates.  Archie largely did what we had expected by Stubborn didn’t and jumped much better than we would have liked and ran interference.

M9 Invercargill

Race 7 Homebush Fairy (7)

She won for us nicely last week and this looks a very similar field and still racing in C1.  Looks like a bit of a course specialist – 6 starts for three wins and a placing.  There’s a lack of early speed which helps as we saw last week.  She has the two best ratings of all runners in the last 90 days and both are here.  Maybe Right was OK last week but Fairy rated significantly better.  You would think box 1 would help Maybe Right but yet to have won from 6 starts with just 4 places.

Confidence 1/5

Rated price $2.70 currently $3.5

Just got in a terrible position at the start and was never a live chance.  Was right to play against Maybe Right – we’ve found a few false favourites over the last couple of days but haven’t yet cashed in.

Race 8 Elite Blueblood (1)

A bit of a box 1 specialist and maps to on the early lead,  She needs to get out cleanly as she moves a width or two off the rail but the map does look in her favour.  She’s the only dog to have won more than once at Invercargill, albeit from more attempts, and has the second best career time.  Looks well placed.

Confidence 1/5

Rated price $2.50 currently $2.90

Took till the last race but nice to get one and in the end the $2.90 was great value.