With Addington back to full use, I’m going to make some changes or rather tweaks.

I’ve fallen into the habit of posting separate analysis for each meeting.  I know it seems hilarious to say so after the hiding we all copped today at Addington, but generally that is where we have out best results and any analysis of past selections will show that.

There’s a couple of drivers for the change.

First, given the extremely small number of subscribers, it’s not feasible to try and put the same effort into every meeting.

Second, as most will realise, we lack the sectional data for courses apart from Addington and Palmerston North.  That said, I’ve got an assistant working on sectionals for Hatrick and Manukau and with a bit of effort, we can also fill the gaps from when I stopped taking sectionals for those courses.  That information could prove useful in the future.

And third, and most likely the most important one, I want to give myself more time to analyse Addington in particular and also to post the selections as early as possible.  Posting them an hour or two prior to the first race for late meetings often means we lose some value.  I’ll still check other meetings but generally will look for runners where I am confident that are likely to lead.

I had originally planned to make a call around the beginning of June in part due to the changes I’ve described and getting better data for Hatrick and Manukau, I’ll continue for another month or two before reviewing things again.

I appreciate the feedback I’ve had the last couple of months.  It’s been a bit up and down but enough promise especially last week to show that there is definitely untapped potential.  if you have any feedback, email me ([email protected] or text me 021 794 120).


More Ch-ch-changes …