Good morning.

Another day where the bookies should be winning and I really can’t label anything with any confidence.

A couple of dogs running around at short prices too so no value there.

So no selections but thoughts on a couple of races.

In race 2, Billy Budd (2) gets his favourite draw.  But he maps to be 2-4 lengths off the leaders and while he dominates the closing sectionals, he just gets back too far too regularly to back to win with any confidence.  It is a TAB Bonus Back race though. Completely blew the start but strong enough closing sectional to somehow get up for fourth and bonus money back.

In race 5, Smash Dragon (1) downgrades and gets box 1.  She maps to be the early leader and the early sectionals say she should get the early lead.  The problem is that her best times aren’t really competitive so while she should lead, we’re relying on luck for her to go on to win.  Should be an interesting race with the two start dog Liquidator (6) a very short favourite.  Went to script so right call not to make it a punt – got to the lead easy enough but the other favoured runners were in touch and had clear air.

Back again tomorrow.