We’re back racing today but it seems like the perfect time to reassess things.

In a way it couldn’t be a better example of why with yet another meeting canned.  It has happened far to frequently and is clearly an issue for the industry.

Let me be clear though – the welfare of racing animals must always be first, second and third priority.  So no issues on that front.  The concern is that the number of meetings and races abandoned has reached close to crisis.

The review of greyhound racing is another concern and I’m sure I’m not the only person who would want more security and greater confidence in the future of the industry.

Finally, one clear theme with selections had been the difficulties we saw in lining up form after runners had had an enforced break.  Again, we have dogs who will have had at least a 2 week break and many longer so I suspect that it will take a week or three for the ratings and form to level out.

So all in all, it’s a perfect time to put things on hold and then review things at the end of the month.