While there are specialist sites for the other two codes in New Zealand, until now there hasn’t been a dedicated site for greyhound racing in New Zealand.

Our aim is to provide a quality selection service with the end game about returning a profit.

If you’re new to greyhound racing, check out our Getting Started with Greyhound Racing feature.

As all successful punters know, there’s a couple of key strategies that are writ in stone.

First, it’s all about value.  This is especially important with greyhound racing as favourites will generally be paying around $3 or less.  Some dogs will be value at $2 while other dogs at the same price will be poor value.  It’s our job to help you find that value.

Second, you need an edge.  We think we have an edge over most punters for a couple of reasons.  Because of David’s experience building and managing the Formpro Ratings for NZ greyhounds, he has over 10 years of analytics and data.  For the last 12 months, David has been taking individual sectionals at a number of New Zealand greyhound courses.  This is a proven source of finding winners at good value.

The other maxim is to be selective which really means combining the two – only bet when you have an edge on market information and you’re getting good value.  We do that in couple of way:

  • focusing our bets on courses where we have the data and high confidence – Addington races 3 or 4 times a week which gives us a lot more reliable data.
  • limiting our bets
  • recommending a strategy based on units

If you want to know more, please contact David.