No Selections for September

We're back racing today but it seems like the perfect time to reassess things.

In a way it couldn't be a better example of why with yet another meeting canned.  It has happened far to frequently and is clearly an issue for the industry.

Let me be clear though - the welfare of racing animals must always be first, second and third priority.  So no issues on that front.  The concern is that the number of meetings and races abandoned has reached close to crisis.

The review of greyhound racing is another concern and I'm sure I'm not the only person who would want more security and greater confidence in the future of the industry.

Finally, one clear theme with selections had been the difficulties we saw in lining up form after runners had had an enforced break.  Again, we have dogs who will have had at least a 2 week break and many longer so I suspect that it will take a week or three for the ratings and form to level out.

So all in all, it's a perfect time to put things on hold and then review things at the end of the month.



Hi all

First thanks to the core supporters and followers - I have enjoyed chatting to a few of you.

For a couple of reasons, I've decided to scale back selections.

First, it's not viable to continue to try and provide a full daily service based on the few paying members.  Not that I expected to make a living but the reality is that I do this more for fun but my income comes from other sources.  And those other sources have to take priority.

Second, with other commitments I have struggled to get selections done on time and it doesn't help either selecting or punting for that matter.

Third, the sectionals take up time as well and I need to focus on those in the short term.

The selections since Friday PM have been right back to the best results - Friday pm 3 dogs for 2 winners while yesterday we managed 3 winners from 4 selections.  It's a real pity I can't put more time into this as it is fun and as we have seen the data and the sectionals does give us an edge.

For the next while, I'm going to commit to the following:

  • Monday - Addington/Palmerston North
  • Thursday - Addington Premier meeting

I'm likely to post some selections Friday PM (Hatrick) and Sunday (Manukau).  As you will notice, that has a decent balance to it - pretty much all of the top regular racing and selections from Thursday pm to Monday.

You're welcome to post any comments or thoughts below.

So next selections this week will be Thursday.


Great punting



With Addington back to full use, I'm going to make some changes or rather tweaks.

I've fallen into the habit of posting separate analysis for each meeting.  I know it seems hilarious to say so after the hiding we all copped today at Addington, but generally that is where we have out best results and any analysis of past selections will show that.

There's a couple of drivers for the change.

First, given the extremely small number of subscribers, it's not feasible to try and put the same effort into every meeting.

Second, as most will realise, we lack the sectional data for courses apart from Addington and Palmerston North.  That said, I've got an assistant working on sectionals for Hatrick and Manukau and with a bit of effort, we can also fill the gaps from when I stopped taking sectionals for those courses.  That information could prove useful in the future.

And third, and most likely the most important one, I want to give myself more time to analyse Addington in particular and also to post the selections as early as possible.  Posting them an hour or two prior to the first race for late meetings often means we lose some value.  I'll still check other meetings but generally will look for runners where I am confident that are likely to lead.

I had originally planned to make a call around the beginning of June in part due to the changes I've described and getting better data for Hatrick and Manukau, I'll continue for another month or two before reviewing things again.

I appreciate the feedback I've had the last couple of months.  It's been a bit up and down but enough promise especially last week to show that there is definitely untapped potential.  if you have any feedback, email me ([email protected] or text me 021 794 120).


More Ch-ch-changes ...


Cambridge 15 April 2021 - Live Blog - NZ Derby

Live blog from 4pm.  Free to all.

Selections for today are posted for members only.

2021 Group 1 NZ Derby Heats Sectionals at Cambridge

Sectionals for the 2021 Group One NZ Derby Heats

Heats were run on 8 April 2021.

Note that there were no official opening sectionals for the last two races.  The opening splits from races 11 and 12 have been manually timed.

Sadly, that is not unusual but after multiple attempts to engage with GRNZ there is simply no interest from the industry body to provide punters with accurate and complete race data.

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Manukau 28 March 2021 - Live Blog

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2021 Group 1 Auckland Cup Heats - Sectionals

2021 Group 1 Auckland Cup Heats - Sectionals

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2021 Group 1 Railway Sprint Heats - Sectionals

Sectionals for the 2021 Group One Railway Sprint Heats

Sectionals for the Auckland Cup heats have also been posted.


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